Core Concept

The Creature Covenant Movement

Elevating humankind through the sacred bond we share with animals.

Core Concept

We are inciting New Consciousness by acknowledging the transformation we experience in our lives through our interaction with animals. This powerful spiritual connection fulfills our need for experiencing compassion, healing, and unconditional love.

Our cause is to allow the Human/Animal bond to be the live force that heals and elevates human and animal spirits alike. We acknowledge we are all beautiful creatures meant to coexist in perfect balance and for a greater purpose. We embrace people of all backgrounds, races, and origins. This movement has no political or religious agenda. We are a spiritual force and as such, we do not favor, support or promote any ideologies other than our own. Our intent is to create a culture that reflects our deep love, respect, and admiration for the powerful Human/Animal Bond.


Logo Symbolism


A happy baby sits in the middle of the image surrounded by animals. These are powerful animals who are also currently being hunted or considered endangered. All creatures are sustained by two large opened hands, the Creator's hands. Our movement acknowledges our Creator or Source - Power . From its wrists , angel wings spread, symbolizing the elevation of the soul and the freedom from evil.

The baby, represents the future of humanity. The image reflects a return to innocence and the pure joy animal lovers experience while in contact with animals. The renewal of our spirit is the essence of the covenant.

The animals surrounding the baby, are in perfect harmony with humankind. These animals, currently are being hunted for sports or their environment is being threatened by human activity ( i.e: Amazon Forrest).

The key element of this message, is that those embracing our movement, live in accordance with peace and respect for all creatures. This means we pledge to live a lifestyle that reflects deep love and respect for all creatures.

The Creator's hands are holding the Earth in a loving and nurturing way. The whole picture represents the Creator's intent for all creatures to live in perfect harmony.