Our Team


Adriana Seidl, Founder.

Adriana Seidl ( AKA Odachowski) is the founder of our movement. As many know her as " Dr O ". Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. She is currently the CEO of Gypsy Dog & Doc Inc. She practices Veterinary Medicine in the Tampa Bay area, FL, USA. Since 2005, she has been in Small Animal Practice. Blessed with a special gift she humbly shares with world: The gift of connecting with humans and animals alike through her profession. Dr O's passion for the Human/Animal Bond has led her through the journey of her life: The deep love and respect she shares for animals, and the faith that humankind will finally awake to protect and embrace all creatures as part of a whole highly vibrating system. She strongly believes in the healing power of the Human/Animal bond.

"Gizmo" Seidl Co- Founder


" Dogtor Gizmo" came to us from  special - ops under cover rescue situation in 2014.   He spent his 5  former years exposed to  the dark side of human nature where he developed a canine survival  management manual  .  His impressive resume reads:  

 " Mission: To devote my existence to make my human counter-parts extremely happy. 

Professional strengths included but not limited to : Excellent face- licking, tail- wagging, heart-melting skills.

Exceptional ability to change human's mood quickly and effectively.

Smell and food- oriented. Expert in GABA-ergic generating responses.

Education: Who needs an education with a face like this ?"

"Dogtor Gizmo" is excited to be a Co- Founder of this venture and wishes to expand our mission around the World.

"Gypsy" Seidl, Intern


"The Gypsy"  fortune "tailer" , jumped off from a pink caravan and decided to join forces with our cause. Transition from being a rebel soul to  rebel soul with a cause wasn't easy.  Our new intern attended an intense doggie finishing school program and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Today, Gypsy enjoys meditation on mom's magical antique Bokara rug. Unfortunately, the Indian meditation pillow no loner exists. Gyspy, possessed by his rebel instinct, decided to pee on it.


Our team welcomes our new intern and  fortune "tailer"  "Gypsy " Seidl. We shall continue to embrace  his rebel streak as we constantly sweep the floors of our facility, removing piles and piles of dark hair.